Lit Review

The purpose of my essay is to look into and help the reader understand the issues that teens that are attending college/secondary school/high school face in today’s Britain.  It will also focus on youth subgroups and fashions with a particular look at how and why the 90’s aesthetic is currently on trend. 

‘Eight major issues teenagers everywhere struggle with’ BBC Radio 1 (date unknown) talks about the issues that teenagers face today and how it affects their lives at school, at home and socially. It outlines the different problems that teenagers potentially face and how they act and deal with these problems. The source covers the most common issues that teenagers face today and talks about how having one problem can lead to other problems and make you vulnerable to being led into these other problems by other people.  The issue with this source is that it is the most common issue with teenagers but it doesn’t cover all the areas just mainly the most common issues that teenagers face, whereas a lot of different teenagers deal with different and more personal issues that are more tailored to them. He source which is the BBC website, is reliable and a credible source.

 ‘The ’90s Aesthetic’ Marshall (2019) talks about the 90s aesthetics that I want to incorporate into my FMP. The downfall to this source is that It is more swayed towards 90s aesthetics in fashion rather than the look of things in film. However, the 90s aesthetic of fashion will be useful for my FMP and help with the general aesthetic of my film. In this source, it outlines what the 90s aesthetic is and how it was used and shown. It also gives examples of 90s aesthetics in 90s films and how they are easily recreated. Ryan Marshall is a journalist who writes online blogs mainly about sports, books, movies and politics – he is a reliable source and has good insights on my topic explaining it well and using relevant references. 

‘Youth subcultures’, witten by Alexis Petridis focuses on youth subcultures in New Zealand and how the different subcultures are affecting the teenagers of today and how it impacts their lives. This is a topic the i want to include in my FMP. I will be able to include these subcultures in my FMP and have my character embody and play to these subcultures. Alexis Petridis is a journalist for the Guardian who specialises in pop and rock music and is highly knowledgeable in this area. The downside to this source is that it is from 2014 so the relativity from this article during this time may be different to the subcultures today, which may cause an issue. 

In this source, written by Rhianna Osbourn outlines the subcultures in New Zealand – outlining them and talking about what they entail looks wise and personality wise. Again, I can incorporate these subcultures into my FMP and characters and have them embody and live these subcultures.  The problem with this source is that it is subcultures in New Zealand and as my film is based in the UK, the subcultures may not mirror each other and wouldn’t fit the generic characters that are in UK colleges.  


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